Saturday, May 30, 2009

A chance to win a FREE Flip Video

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Friday, January 23, 2009

Monday, January 19, 2009

Hey Everyone I am alive and well....

So I have been MIA on blog land and everything is just UGH right now in my head... I got behind in my 365er and it got me really upset that I couldn't keep up. I missed ONE day. Made it up and then... BAM got sick kiddos, So I was taking care of them and then what happens.. you all know right? I GOT IT!! so then I was down for a whole day (literally) with this terrible stomach virus.

So then I got back on my feet but just wasn't feeling the whole 365 portrait project. I mean DANG 365 pics OF ME!! I cant handle that.. Its very hard being on the other side. I am so used to hiding behind my camera. So I decided that I will change it up and take pics everyday to help my photography skills. rather it be. ME... my street gutter. the kids.. odd object and what not:)

So I came to my blog today and wanted to see everyone Else's I saw I got a BLOG AWARD!! That is soooooooo cool :) Thanks soo much IRIS:) Since I was awarded this AWESOME nifty award from Iris I have to pass it on... to 5 people and list 5 things I am addicted

1. My
2. Yahoo Messenger.. Phone (texting..WOOT)
4. StarBucks
5.Myspace. (sadly I cant not go to

Now to pass on this award to 5 other people....

1. Carla
2. Jaime
3. Connie
4. Allison

Thursday, January 15, 2009


I didn't have any chalk to write JUMP on the ground like I wanted to :( but... I am impressed on how high I can I was torn with this photo and this one. SOOC shot pictured below! sadly I had to take the shoes back yesterday after the photo shoot. They just weren't comfy enough to be walking around Oregon when I go next month. So I am still on a Converse shoe hunt. for that perfect


ugh soo yes I admit it. I forgot to take a picture on the 13th:( so far this is the only day I missed :) A lot has been going on and there is no
so here is my fill in..
I am not giving up.. I am going strong:)

Monday, January 12, 2009


Ahhh I am soo behind on 365. But I promise I have been taking my pics on the right days! This pic to the left is my pic from last night but I was soo tired after taking it that I went to I have been getting ready for my Oregon trip.. That means.. SHOPPING SHOPPING
I have 5 hours to take my pic for today and I soo know what I want to do. however the sun isnt out so I dont know how to pull it off. I might have to do something else. Please click this photo to see full effect on the brush Its soo neat!! :) I havent been posting my link on DST cause I havent had time to post on anyone elses blog.. I promise who ever reads this I will get back at you :)
so about this picture.. I wanted to show myself what I look like to other people. To see myself on the other side. but I used my XTI to take the picture and then held my PowerShot and took a pic at the same time. Took a few tries but I got them to go off at the same time. It was neat to see them flash at XOXOX

Sunday, January 11, 2009


well I was EXXXXXXXXXXXXXXTREMELY Hungover today and it completely SUCKED! I hate that. I barely drank but my lame ass decided to MIX rum and whiskey :( so I took a picture of my eye so you could all see how hungover I But, decided against Here is a picture of my Micro Dermal Piercing that everyone hates. and that I love with all my heart! I am enclosing a picture of it upclose and from a
I was in no way able to be creative but I made a promise no matter how crappy I feel I will take a photo a day!